About Us What Does "Sisu" Mean?

Sisu is a Finnish word that conveys “inner strength.” The literal Finnish translation is “to the guts” inside our bodies. The common concepts/thoughts for sisu include courage, willpower, resilience, endurance, bravery, perseverance, action-oriented, fortitude, and respect for yourself and others.

Sisu in Health

The concept of sisu can absolutely be applied to health. Sisu means caring for ourselves through maintaining our physical and mental health. It means pushing ourselves to maintain good health through physical activity, nutrition, and self-reflection. It means understanding that our physical health influences our mental health. In caring for ourselves, we are maximizing our inner strength—our sisu.

Sisu in Practice

Our practice embraces sisu by offering cooperative care between providers and patients, based on a foundation of mutual respect and responsibility. Cooperative care means that the care we provide requires sisu from both the provider and the patient to improve and maintain their health.

  • Evidence-Based Care

    We provide evidence-based health care with an emphasis on health education and prevention of chronic health conditions. We are influenced by both conventional and complimentary medicine, offering you many paths to wellness.

  • Wellness Approach

    We treat your health holistically, incorporating lifestyle changes, medications, supplements, health education, and recommendations/referrals for complimentary medicine where appropriate.

  • Data-Driven Methods

    Exceptional healthcare needs to include appropriate testing (labs, imaging) for accurate diagnosis, efficient management of current health conditions, and prevention of chronic health conditions.